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As a hook is required to catch a fish, similarly you require a hook in your product to catch the customer’s attention. You require a hook in your advertising brand campaign.

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Your customer might be busy, if you provide him/her a complex and long message, he/she may forget it quickly. You need to grab his/her attention in the

minimum time.

You need to crate that attention grabber through which the customer is able to connect with you.

This attention grabber is the hook.

What actually a hook is?

A hook is any benefit or information about your product that the customer can recall. It can be small title or tagline explaining what you are doing different in your business.

It also includes a promise or commitment that your customer requires.

Your hook should be surprising, touch the extreme emotions and exclamatory.

Use the hook in your all the communication materials like websites, brochure, business cards, hoarding, lanyard, landing page, social media, email or your corporate dress.

How to Create a Hook?

You can create the hook through any of the following ways;

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Your customer should have the fear that they can miss out your product.

Example – The advertisement of m-seal created a hook by saying, “Sirf ek tapaktee boond, apki kismet badal sakti hai”

Customer Convenience or Comfort

You can create a hook that promises customer convenience or comfort

Example – Surf Excel created a hook by saying “Daag ache hain”

It promises mothers that they need not worry about the stains as it can be easily washed with the help of their product.

Feeling of Belongingness and Relation between the Company and Customer

For instance the tagline of Tata Salt is “Tata namak, Desh ka namak”

This creates feeling in the heart of customer that this is our country’s salt.

Help your audience achieve their goals. Your tagline must be like you are helping your customer in solving their problems or achieve their goals.

Essentials for Creating Hook

For creating ahook, you need to be;

  • Creative and think out of box.
  • Conduct research about your competitors and the taglines they are using to attract their customers.
  • Study the buying behaviour of the existing customers.

Your hook should be the problem solving USP of your product. It should be able to take out or touch the hidden emotion of your customers.

Your hook hould be attractive enough to enable your customers to recall your product immediately.

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